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    Best Residential and Commercial Cleaning Company in Singapore

    Commercial Cleaning

    Lose the stress as we clean your mess

    Leave the hassle of cleaning your office to NEA/WSQ qualified, licensed, experienced, professional cleaners. Enjoy a neat, tidy office with high hygiene standards.

    Spring & After Event Cleaning

    Your weekends aren't made for housework

    Festive seasons approaching but no time to clean your house? Fret not, as we at KleinKraft provides expert spring cleaning services that are affordable just for you; because we care.

    Moving In/Out, Change of Tenant & Post Renovation Cleaning

    Where spotless cleaning comes to your door

    Home filled with debris after renovation? New tenants coming in but your property is dirty? Our cleaning professionals take care of the problems for you so you don’t have to…

    Carpet Cleaning

    We breathe new life to your carpet

    We provide expert carpet cleaning services to houses, hotels, shops, showrooms, tuition centers corporate offices and more. Be it through deep cleaning or monthly shampooing, you can rest assured that the most economical and effective carpet cleaning services would be provided.

    Upholstery Cleaning

    The clean art you can afford

    We believe that your upholstery deserves the best treatment just like any other furniture. Based on our rigid and established standard cleaning procedures, you can expect a refreshed, residue-free and clean upholstery when we are done.

    Mattress Cleaning

    Clean mattress, best mattress!

    Be it dust mites, bodily fluids, accumulated debris or dead skin cells, we are the experts you can rely upon to get rid of them all. Reinvigorating your mattress into a cleaner, refreshed and ultimately comfier mattress.

    General Toilet Deep Clean

    Avoid the dirty scene, with your toilets cleaned!

    At KleinKraft, we always aim to revitalize your private moments. Take a vacation from all the germs as we present to you a clean that you can not only see, but smell.

    Window Cleaning

    All clear with no smear

    Clean windows brighten up your home like nothing else and we are the best when it comes to getting the shiniest results for you.

    Pressure Jetting & Grout Removal

    From "eww" to "ahh"

    Why spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars replacing new tiles unnecessarily? At KleinKraft, we care for the aesthetics and health of your tiles. Let us go the extra mile in reviving every aspect of your tiles!

    Our Kraft is Your Convenience

    Who Are We?

    Your Cleaning Specialist!

    Hiring a cleaner, be it to meet your household or office’s cleaning needs can be quite cumbersome. This is because employers often hire cleaners who turn out to be ill-trained, unprofessional and in most extreme cases, illegal cleaners. Besides, companies also find themselves either over-paying their cleaners to meet their cleaning needs or working on a tight budget that results in customer-service mismatching. As for property owners, they often find themselves having to call multiple companies to solve their hygiene and air-conditioning issues which turns out into a very expensive bill.

    KleinKraft is founded with the belief that all our customer’s hygiene needs should be met in an environmentally friendly, completely trustworthy, cost-effective and professional manner. We are confident that we can build a reputation for quality service and well-maintained premises for all our clients. Because to us, success is more than just getting clients; success is about keeping them satisfied.

    Rest assured that you can never have to think or complain about the hygienic conditions of your premises, as we the team at KleinKraft believe that we can be your first choice for all your cleaning needs. In other words, when it comes to your cleaning and hygiene needs, trust us that we don’t just maintain basic standards – we go above and beyond.

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